Warranty & Return Policy

Customer service is a top priority at TheVape69. You may return defective items within 30 days of received by date as indicated by your tracking information. Our policy covers any manufacturer defective items, dead on arrival items and items that do not appear as listed on the website.

Items damaged by miss-use or improper care are not covered by our policy! If you received items that you do not know how to use, please feel free to contact us for proper care instructions and more in depth information on your items. We are happy to help.

For sanitary reasons, and the overall safety of our customers and staff, we DO NOT accept returns of: atomizers, clearomizers, cartomizers, bottled liquid, drip tips, batteries, wick and wire.

Please note that return shipping is not pre-paid, therefore, you will be responsible for the return shipping cost. In addition, return shipping is non-refundable; unless you received wrong item(s). Should you receive the wrong item(s) or an item is DOA, a return label will be provided. Please return the merchandise within 30 days from the shipped date to our Returns address after contacting us.

Upon receipt of your return, our Returns Department will inspect and test your merchandise. If found defective, we will gladly send out a replacement of the original item(s) purchased, at no cost, as long as the merchandise is available. If the merchandise is not available, you will receive a refund to the original form of payment used to make your online purchase. If during testing of your merchandise, it is determined that it is fully functional, we reserve the right to return the merchandise or issue a store credit.

Returns must include all items that come with your item, this goes for starter kits and items that come as sets. If still available please include the packaging that your item came in.

All returns are subject to case by case exceptions. Please contact us if you are having a problem with your items and we will do our best to help you.

Securely pack your merchandise in a box or envelope of your choice (you may also use the original package if possible). Please include your name, contact information and order number.

Mail your online returns to the following address: We recommend using a carrier service that provides tracking.

  • In regards to any arrival country that banned e-cig product, it will always subject to buyers risk. Once parcel has left Malaysia, we are no longer responsible or able to tolerate with any charge back cases.
  • There is no refund due to clearance issue such as confiscated by autorithies and rejected by the government of an importer’s country.
  • There will be additional charges in order to reship back the orders due to rejected by customs.

Please contact us at phone number +603-9174 4444 if have any questions or doubts.


Does Ejuice Expire – Here’s The Truth

Any respectable ejuice company today will make sure an expiration date is printed on the label applied to the bottle of vape juice that it manufactures.  Many vapers may notice it, but won’t think much of it due to how quickly they use the product.  However, what many aren’t aware of is that the expiration date found on these bottles is merely an estimation of the date that its components can no longer be guaranteed to uphold the same quality or freshness that it did at the time of purchase.

Typically, you will see an expiration date set for 1 to 2 years, and that estimation is generated based on proper storing conditions.  Flavoring and nicotine are the two main ingredients in ejuice that will begin to break down the soonest, which is usually from everyday conditions that aren’t necessarily ideal for ejuice, such as being exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat.

What you have to worry about most is flavor that was used to craft the ejuice you’re using, as the flavor can quickly begin to break down and completely change the experience of your vape than what it was intended.  Due to improper storage and lack of correct maintenance, the flavor will begin to separate from the other components, change its flavor, taste stale, and break down over time.  All flavors aren’t created equal, so its lifespan will vary based on the flavor, and of course the conditions it’s under.

Does E-Juice Expire?

Yes, absolutely.  Each component that makes up the ejuice solution has a shelf life, and it won’t last forever, especially in improper conditions.  The best way to tell if your ejuice has expired is a smell, taste and visual test.

  • The Smell Test:  If the ejuice smells a bit ripe or off from what it original smelt like when you first purchased it, that may be a sign that the ejuice has expired.
  • The Taste Test:  The taste test is the for sure way of telling if your ejuice is expired, and obviously, if it doesn’t taste right or taste as it did when you first purchased it, that should be a clear sign that things went south and the ejuice has expired or in not a suitable condition to be used.
  • The Visual Test:  The last tell to determine if your ejuice has expired is to visually inspect it.  If the liquid looks as if it’s separating, where the heavier elements of the juice have sank to the bottom, then it may have expired.  However, don’t toss that bottle just yet, because if it hasn’t expired, the components may have just separated and need to be remixed.  When ejuice is being created, crafted by professionals and tested to be placed on the market, the manufacturers are using the product in a perfect state where the juice is thoroughly mixed together.  Bring your ejuice back to life quickly by simply shaking the bottle for a bit to once again combine those components as one.

As we mentioned above, the expiration date applied to the labels on ejuice bottles will only provide an estimation of when the ejuice can no longer be guaranteed to provide the same quality and freshness that it did at the time of purchase.  Ejuice expiring isn’t something that is super important to focus on, especially since most vapers will use the product long before it reaches that estimated time.  However, we understand that some vapers accumulate a lot of liquid over time and often like to revisit flavors in their stockpile.

But on a side note, expired ejuice may not be exactly harmful to your health, but it can present an uncomfortable experience and may not be satisfying.  For this reason, we often recommend that it would be best to dispose of the ejuice and start over with a fresh bottle so that your experience while vaping is one that’s noteworthy each and every time.